The George Street Hair Salon

Salon Policy

1) Late cancellation
We understand that sometimes life can be unpredictable. If, for whatever reason, you have to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please inform us at least 24 hours prior (or, if the booking was made on the same day and a no show or cancellation it will be charged at full price Appointments cancelled without a notice will incur a fee of 100% of service booked. Thank you for understanding!

2) Late arrival
We greatly appreciate our guests being on time, as only then we can provide all of our guests with the quality of service we are committed to. However, we understand that unforeseen incidents do occur and therefore, we ask our guests to let us know as soon as possible if they’re going to be late. The service may need to be adjusted to fit a shorter time frame and charged fully. Guests arriving more than 20 minutes late will need to reschedule and be charged 50%

3) No-show
Our salon is committed to providing exceptional services. Unfortunately, when one customer fails to show up without giving notice, they prevent another client from booking an appointment. This is why we have a no-show policy that imposes a fee valued at 100% of the entire cost of the missed service. More than two missed consecutive appointments will result in the discretion of the salon booking in the near future .

4) Service guarantees & refunds
Our team prides itself on providing exceptional services. We strive for full customer satisfaction and therefore, if you are dissatisfied with our treatments, please notify us within 48 hours. We are committed to providing you with a fix or a correction (corrections are usually accommodated within 7-10days from the initial service – unfortunately, we do not honour corrections if you reschedule beyond this time). A fault on our side will result in a redo and/or a refund.

We don’t refund or correct after 10 days of performing a service it’s counted as new service.

5) Health history
We politely ask our clients to always inform our specialists about their health history (allergies, pregnancy, physical issues or disabilities), as even seemingly minor issues may impact the service quality and how the products react with the customer’s body chemistry. We don’t take responsibility for the treatment outcome if a client has deliberately withheld the information on health problems referred to in the disclosed list.

6) The right to refuse service
Please, mind that under given circumstances, our team members may refuse service. We can do so if the person in question:

• We feel that our professional hairdressing opinion offering a service may not be suitable for hair leading to breakage or a different end result to what you want to achieve is unachievable
• Is under the age of 16
• Didn’t have a patch test in our salon.
• Has health issues that may affect or be affected by the service
• Has purposely hidden information of crucial meaning to the service.
• Did not show up for their last appointment and/or cancelled it too late or was cancelling appointments at the last minute repeatedly
• Behaves improperly and/or is intoxicated
• Products used in the past will affect the health condition of the hair. We pride ourselves in the integrity and porosity of the hair texture before and after your visit. Hair relaxers, henna, broken hair after over use of dry shampoo or extremely chemically damaged hair.

We always want to ensure we can accommodate all our clients' needs so with that in mind we are happy to offer Appointments on Bank Holidays, Sundays and even Late Evenings. You will however need to make advance payment in full when you make your 'out of hours' appointment. Please call us to arrange.


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