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Salon Nail journey

When we first introduced nail services in our salon we purchased a professional well known nail brand thinking only about quality of the product. Unfortunately we quickly noticed that salon environment changed because the Vanishes had a strong smell that you could not ignore. We quickly realised that these varnishes contained very toxic ingredients that are drying and damaging to the nail plate. We found that our noses were constantly runny, we were coughing and we had other other skin reactions. We asked ourselves if we had made a right decision and decided to keep trying new products, we didn't want to just gave up !

We all love having our nails done!

Having made the decision not to compromise on our health and our clients health so we decided a complete change whole nail range products was called for along with a retrain! Now we can provide you with health nails and we are truly happy and comfortable with the nail services we provided.


When we came across Bio Sculpture it was complete game changer for us ! NO MORE runny noses, coughing and strong fumes!

When you walk into our Salon you no longer smell any nail primers, bonders or dehydrators. Only our biodynamic essential oils from a diffuser. Hooray...

Bio Sculpture’s treatment gels are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and even help encourage nail growth. Each gel is designed to create natural nails for a flawless manicure whilst keeping them strong and healthy. So using Bio Sculpture we can have Nail Salon we are happy with, high-quality nail treatment products to help us with everything you need.

The company has been creating high quality gels for over 30 years and has accrued a renowned reputation for their commitment to education and professionalism. Bio Sculpture easy to use gel is vegan, cruelty free and contains no dehydrators, primers or bonders. With their unique treatment gels it’s easy to create a healthy, bespoke experience for you.

With 315 + colours to choose from this premium nail gel brand can give you something for every occasion. From sparkling galactic shades perfect for a summer festival to sensual and intense tones made for winter, the entire selection doesn’t just look amazing but they are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Did you know that Bio Sculpture and Evo Gel are the only UK nail brands that won't supply products to their customers unless they have completed 'in-house' training?

Facts are!

  • Nails are porous and can absorb some chemicals.
  • Nails products are often full of ingredients that are drying and damaging.

We have chosen pure BIOGEL so you can have a UV Gel Manicure and still have healthy nails without the need to compromise. We want the products we use to be free of as many harmful chemicals as possible, while maintaining health and function.

A lot of us now focus not only on what we put into our body but also what we put on our body so eliminating things that are not healthy for us so lets start with getting rid of toxic nail products.

Pure UV Gel is really easy to remove with the soak-off method .

Follow STEPS

  • Buff off the top layer of your gel with a course nail file
  • Soak a small piece of cotton in regular polish remover
  • Secure the cotton with aluminium foil Or, skip the cotton and foil and soak instead in bowl
  • Wait 10 to 15 minutes
  • Wash your hands and give your nails some TLC with Vitamin dose ,cuticle oil and hand cream.
  • Done


Services we Offer

Permanent Manicure is your own nail length coated with treatment gels, we have treatments for all nail types and conditions. Lasts up to 4 weeks. Over 200 colours of your choice from our non toxic and vegan Gel Polish.

We include one hand painted nail art design or foils, flakes, glitter, chrome with all our Permanent Manicures .

Spa Manicure is trimming, shaping, buffing you own nail plate . We would gently push back your cuticles and apply our natural treatments: Scrub, vitamin dose, almond oil etc. massage and use biodynamic remedy hand balm. Finished off in either natural matte or gloss.

Full Set Gel is Extending your nails length and make it stronger with Bio Sculpture Gel. BIOGEL is a healthy alternative in nail care: Minimal dust, fumes, odours and no harmful ingredients.

We include one hand painted nail art or foils, flakes, glitter, chrome with all Full Sets FOC.

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